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For A List of Required Compliance Documents Click Here

Document Management & Setup

The Market Center will provide you with a Dotloop account. In order to activate your Dotloop account you will need to find the email sent to you post onboarding and click activate account for the account to be added to our brokerage. 

Keller Williams has created a connection between Command Opportunities and Dotloop/DocuSign. These connections allow you to work in either Dotloop or DocuSign, to get forms signed, then you will have the ability to pull those completed forms into Command, when the time comes:


1. Connect Your Dotloop Account with Command, click here.

2. Create a Dotloop Loop for an Opportunity, click here.


1. Create and Connect Your DocuSign Account, click here.

2. Create a DocuSign Room for an Opportunity, click here.

3. Get started with DocuSign Rooms, click here.

4. Get Started with the ZipForm integration with DocuSign, click here.

Compliance Management

Once your forms are signed and completed, you will pull them into Command and submit to your Market Center, use the resources below to learn how to manage and submit compliance documents for an Opportunity:

1. Attach Compliance Documents to an Opportunity, click here.

2. Create and Manage Custom Folders in an Opportunity, click here.

3. Attach a One-off Compliance Document Checklist Item to an Opportunity, click here.

4. Create a New Compliance Document Checklist Version (if a deal falls through) for an Opportunity, click here.

5. Submit compliance documents to your market center, click here.

6. Replace Rejected Documents in an Opportunity, click here.

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