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Leadership Workflows

Important Links:

Password Sheet

Daily 4 Conversations


Recruiting pipeline

Pro Coach Program Tracker

TL Annual Professional Development Plan + 411

MCA Annual Professional Development Plan +  411

Pro Coach Professional Development Plan + 411  30 60 90

ASC|DFI Annual Professional Development Plan + 411

Agent Roster

KWE Google Docs/Sheets

MCA Training Folder

ALC workflow doc

Training Calendar

6 Month Events and Trainings Calendar

Master Systems Document

15th Day Protocol

Wilmington Wealth Builders

Holidays Calendar

Growth Tracking System

Showingtime Replacement Doc


Financial Links:

EOM Bonus Tracking Sheet 

Weekly Soft Close Folder

Transmittal Reports Folder

Prepaid Worksheet

Cap Management Tool

Agent A/R 

Gross Receipts Instructions


Training systems:

PC Success System Workflow Document

PC Roster


Recruiting and Retention systems:

New agent recruiting

R2 recruiting system

R1 transfer recruiting

R2 transfer recruiting

Co-broke connecting

Recruiting Pond Smartplan Outline

Associate Most Recent Transaction Report

Expanded Vital Signs


Market Center Policies:


Team Cap

Office rent lease (agent) UPDATED 12/18/20

Office Lease

Pro Coach Compensation Plan

Office Layout


Weekly Leadership Call Times:

Daily Leadership Huddle Monday - Friday 8:15am - 8:30am

KWRI Growth Call Monday, 12:00 pm: - OP, TL, MCA, PC

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